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1. Instagram Close Friends List - High Success Options Signals, Swing Trades, Long Term Trades, and More!

2. Direct Access To Me - Ask Question If You Get Stuck Or Need Help/Advice.

3. Stock Market & Options Transformation Courses - 2 Separate Video Courses.

Will You Like To Learn The Following?

✔︎ How To Become A More Advanced Options Trader
✔︎ Technical Analysis, Value and Growth Investing
✔︎ How to Read a Balance Sheet and Income Statements, Cash flow, Stats, P/E Ratios
✔︎ How to Read Graph and Charts and much more
✔︎ Dividends, Compound Interest, ETFs, Options, Price Alerts
✔︎ Do You Also Need a Professional That Will Tell You What to Set Your Price Alerts at?

Welcome To The Stock Market Transformation Course Experience

Close Friends Benefits

✔︎ I Post 3-5 High Success Option Trades Per Week You Can Follow Along With. Alerts For When To Buy, What Strike Price, Expiration Date, AND When To Sell! (With Options You Can Make Me Money Even With A Down Trending Market)

✔︎ See Exactly What I Buy and Sell and When! Be in The Loop When I Buy and Sell Stocks & Options Contracts So You Can Trade With Me.

✔︎ Access All My Watchlists

✔︎ Expiration Dates & Strike Prices To Call & Put Options Im Trading

✔︎ Morning Update, Mid-Market Updates and Post-Market Updates!

✔︎ Buy and Sell Price Alerts On Stocks!

✔︎ Stocks I'm Watching and Full Analysis and Deep Dives!

✔︎ Exclusive Stories With Premium Info That I Don't Post On My Regular Story (WAY better info, something you can learn everyday!)

Daily Access To Me

✔︎ You can DM me with stocks you're looking at, any day the market is open, and I'll run the technical analysis and a deep dive together. The goal is to teach you what to look for so you can do it yourself but I will correct you if I see you are doing something wrong or not making the best decision! Before you invest in a company, you want to make sure you make a sound investment.

✔︎ If there's something you're not understanding, I will personally take time out for you to explain it and even make a video just for you if necessary.

Who Am I Telling You This?

Alec Silvestri

I started trading and investing 7 years ago and I've been getting about 30%-60% per year. This year I'm on track for over 80% so I'd love to share my knowledge with you. I've made mistakes so I know what it takes to go from a beginning to advanced level, so you don't have to make the same beginner mistakes. Trade at an advanced level extremely quick without putting in years of experience! Additionally I have been trading Options for over 5 years, so I have mastered making money as the Stock Market goes DOWN or up!

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