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✔︎ What Is Bitcoin and Blockchain?
✔︎ Why Are Certain Coins Better Than Other Coins?
✔︎ Should You Be Investing Into BTC Or ALT Coins?
✔︎ Plus An Hour & Half Of NFT Training! How To Buy Them, Mint, Sell, Use the Secondary Market Places To Flip NFTs, How To Save On Gas Fees And Much More!
✔︎ Is Coinbase, Binance or Robinhood The best for you? Do You Want To Know How To Use All These Apps and Websites?
✔︎ How To Trade and Transfer Crypto! Do You Know What To Look For When Buying?
✔︎ How To Find Your Own Personal Budget With Cryptocurrency
✔︎ Stable Coins, ICOs, NFTs Smart Contracts, Staking, nodes, Transactions Speeds, Fees, Defi and Much MORE!
✔︎ Do You Also Need a Professional That Will Tell You What to Set Your Price Alerts at?

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✔︎ You can DM with Crypto you’re looking at, and I'll run the technical analysis and a deep dive together. The goal is to teach you what to look for so you can do it yourself but I will correct you if I see you are doing something wrong or not making the best decision! Before investing in a Crypto, you want to make sure you make a sound investment.

✔︎ If there's something you're not understanding, I will personally take time out for you to explain it and even make a video just for you if necessary.

Who Am I Telling You This?

Alec Silvestri

100% owner and sole creator of “The Daily Cryptocurrency” and“The Daily Stock Market”! I started Stock Market and Crypto Investing over 4 years ago and I've been getting about 30% per year in the Stock Market and over 90% Cryptocurrency and NFTs! So I'd love to share my knowledge with you. I've made mistakes so I know what it takes to go from a beginning to advanced so you don't have to make mistakes and you can trade at an advanced level without putting years in for experience! Now with over 1000 members in the close friends list following along my every move. We've had massive success with Cryptocurrency so I'm here to show you what I've learned after all this time and all these years to become successful with Cryptocurrency!

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